Three Ways to Tell if You Need a Lemon Law Attorney in California

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on March, 2021

The Lemon Law was put in place to protect consumers from buying completely horrid vehicles. They give buyers recourse if they feel that they’ve purchased a lemon. A California Lemon Law attorney is the entity that can help someone who thinks they have a bad car. This is how you can tell if you need such an attorney:

Your Car Has Severe Internal Engine Problems

Your car should be covered under warranty for at least the first 30 days. You may need a California Lemon Law attorney if your engine shows signs of major damage or has seized on you within that time span.

Your Car’s Transmission Has Failed

The transmission is another major component that the Lemon Law protects. You may want to contact an attorney if your “new” vehicle does not shift gears or the transmission jumps repeatedly. You can first try to see if the vehicle has the right amount of transmission fluid in it. If so, you can have a mechanic look at it. If the problem is severe, it might be time to speak to an attorney about your rights.

The Seller Will Not Accommodate You

Under the Lemon Law, the seller may be obligated to offer you a replacement vehicle if it cannot fix the major issue it has. A refund may be in order if the seller cannot replace your vehicle. You have a right to contact a Lemon Law attorney if the seller does not accommodate you in any way.

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