Three Tools You Need to Make Your Tire and Lube Shop More Efficient

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on September, 2020

Efficiency is probably your primary goal if you own a tire and lube shop. You want to make sure that your customers get their work done quickly, and your workers experience the least amount of stress possible. The following are three things you can buy for your shop to help make the operation more efficient.

Hydraulic Garage Jack

Though your shop most likely has lifts, you still need to have a backup jack for emergencies and busy times. A hydraulic jack will allow your techs to lift cars easily so that they can perform tire work and oil changes outside when the shop is full.

An Easy Stacker

Stacking tires does not have to be strenuous and difficult. You can invest in an easy stacker that your techs can drive around when they need to stack tires. The Easy Stacker can stack four to eight tires at a time. It can also save them a lot of time as well as strain on their backs.

Battery-Powered Torque Wrench

Again, you always have to consider that emergencies might happen. You might lose electricity in the middle of a job one day. Therefore, it would be good to invest in some battery-operated equipment just in case you have to finish a job without electricity. One thing you can invest in is a battery-operated torque wrench. A battery-powered torque wrench will allow your tech to continue to mount your customer’s tires effortlessly even if your other equipment turns off in the middle of it.

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