Three Tips for Choosing a Dog Walker

by | Jun 22, 2015 | Pets

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When dedicated dog owners have decided to take on the help of a dog walker in New York there comes a daunting task of choosing the right person to trust with your pet. With online sources offering so many options it can be a bit overwhelming for a dog owner, and can leave someone asking the question, who has the right credentials to care for my pet? Here are three tips for choosing a dog walker that everyone seeking dog walkers in New York should use.

1. Research and Ask Friends

Having a dog walker in New York City is not uncommon. With the lack of space or time to allow dogs to get their daily workout in, many New Yorkers have turned to this option. Asking friends and coworkers for their intake and experiences can really help find a dog walker that has provided professional service or even direct which ones to stray away from. If it turns out being more difficult to find out more information from those you know researching honest online testimonials of local dog walkers can aid in the search.

2. Prepare an interview

It may seem time consuming but preparing questions for your potential dog walker can relieve an owner’s stress during this process and give more confidence in whatever option chosen. Some dog walking companies have more employees than you would think, so it is important to ask who will be walking your dog and to form a relationship with them. It is also important to ask questions in reference to how long the company has been in the dog walking business, where the dog will be taken on walks and how long they will last, as well as if there will be multiple other dogs on their walks. Asking these questions can give dog owners a more rounded expectation of what they are paying for and which of their pets needs will be met.

3. Know your budget

Budgets can work for how much the owner is willing to spend or how much time they need to be filled by the dog walker. Dog walking businesses in New York often double as a dog daycare. It is important to decipher whether or not your dog needs a day’s worth of care or just needs to be taken on a 30 minute walk every day while you’re at work. Many dog walkers provide separate rates depending on how long the dog needs to be walked and if they can be walked in larger groups.

NY Tails provides professional dog walkers in New York for all breeds. They have reasonable rates that start at $8 for a 15 minute walk. Visit their website for a full list of services and rates.

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