Three Reasons to Renew Your Student Apartment Before Thanksgiving Break

There is a good chance you need to renew your student apartments near UC Riverside before Thanksgiving. You may have the option of renewing after you return to school, but here are three reasons to renew your student apartment before you head home for break.

Peace of Mind

You need to take care of tasks from studying to packing before heading home for Thanksgiving break. If you renew your lease as soon as possible, you are going to have one less thing to worry about while celebrating with your loved ones. It gives you peace of mind to know you have taken care of this important task before leaving for several days.

Stay in Your Unit

If you do not renew your student apartments near UC Riverside before Thanksgiving break, you may need to move into a new unit once you return to school. Do you really want to start the process of new roommates and new surroundings over during the semester? By renewing your lease immediately, you can stay in your unit until the end of your new lease.

Leave Your Belongings

The thought of packing your belongings, moving to a new unit, and unpacking may feel frustrating and overwhelming. If you renew your lease before your break, you can leave your belongings because you are returning to your unit. There is nothing like returning to the space you have become used to after spending Thanksgiving at home.

If you are planning to move into student apartments near UC Riverside after the holidays, consider Alight Riverside. You can find more information and reach out to the staff at