Three Of The Most Common Issues That Can Be Remedied With A Drinking Water System In Cedar Rapids IA

by | Jul 13, 2017 | Water Treatment Products

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The quality of a household’s water is a major factor, as contaminated water can be undrinkable and unsafe to cook with or bathe in. A whole house water system can help by removing impurities and ensuring only clear and clean water is available from a home’s water outlets. While the quality of water is dependent upon many factors, including the soil makeup of a water sources location and water table flow, the following three issues are the most frustrating for a homeowner to deal with. The following can be easily addressed by a quality Drinking Water System in Cedar Rapids IA.

Hard Water

Hard water can lead to stains and the buildup of calcium deposits on toilets and tubs and can cause hair to become brittle even with the use of conditioner products. Also, it can cause water to taste bitter and leave a film on the inside of a person’s mouth. A water-softening system can help reduce the number of hard sediments present in water and aid in reducing staining and the adverse effects by charging the particles using an ionization process.

Increased Sulfur Levels

One of the most obvious water quality issues is the presence of too much sulfur. Most people first notice this in the form of a foul odor that smells like rotten eggs emitting from the water in their faucets. While minimal levels can be safe to drink, many people opt not to consume water that has too much sulfur because of its taste. A whole home water filter can remove excess sulfur and ensure water is without smell or the bitter, chemical taste that accompanies increased sulfur levels.

Chlorine Taste and Smell

While chlorine is a popular way for large water companies to sanitize and ensure the safety of the drinking the water that is produced, it can lead to a strong bleach-like smell and unpleasant tasting water. A Drinking Water System in Cedar Rapids IA can remove chlorine from tap water and ensure it is safe to drink. A whole home system helps ensure water from every faucet or shower is free from excessive bleach levels and safe for skin and consumption.

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