Three Honest Signs That There Is a Need for Hair Loss Treatment in Dallas

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on March, 2020

Hair loss is a touchy subject for both men and women alike. Hair is affected by numerous lifestyle occurrences, such as aging, hormonal changes, diet choices, illness, and the consumption of certain medications. Whichever the case, preserving it is a top priority. Here are three signs that one should seek treatment for drastic loss.

The Scalp Is Visible

The scalp should only be exposed if the hair is parted. When there is visible skin where there was once coverage, it is time to seek hair loss treatment for women in Dallas.

The Scalp Is Itchy And Scaly

There are a number of issues that can affect the scalp, like dermatitis and psoriasis. These conditions can cause the scalp to become uncontrollably itchy, red, and scaly, and when it is scratched, the hair will be easily removed.

Hair Is Falling Out By The Handful

If there is a question as to whether the amount of hair loss is normal or not, it probably isn’t. As a rule of thumb, when combed daily, a person will shed about 100 strands. Anything over that amount is excessive and warrants the need for hair loss treatment for women in Dallas. However, if a person only grooms their hair a couple of times per week, they may notice a few more detached strands.

Hair loss is inevitable, but it can be easily restored when undergoing one of the high-quality treatment processes at YAKER Hair Restoration + Med Spa (Joseph R. Yaker, MD).