Three Common Sense Reasons to Choose Hardwood Flooring in Manhattan

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on March, 2020

If you are currently looking for wood floors in Manhattan, consider hardwood floors. This flooring can be more expensive, but it ha many benefits over laminate and vinyl. Here are three benefits of benefits of hardwood flooring.

Many homeowners choose hardwood floors because they last a long time, and the will more likely pay more for a home that has these floors. Hardwood flooring has been known to last for 100 years with proper care. No type of wood floor is scratch-proof, but hardwood floors can withstand more use.

Hardwood flooring can be adapted to most any room in the home regardless of the color. Whether you have light walls or dark walls, you should be able to find a floor to match. Choose from maple, light oak, dark oak, cherry, walnut, hickory, or maple finishes based on the finish of your furniture. If you change your mind on the color later, you can get the floor refinished.

Easy to Maintain and Healthier
Hardwood floors collect little dust and debris so cleaning doesn’t require too much time. In most cases, a weekly mopping or sweeping should be sufficient to maintain the floor, and you may also stem-clean or vacuum them when needed. Since they don’t collect much dirt and debris like carpets do, it improves the air quality in the house and reduces the risk of allergens.

Professional Installation
Once you decide to buy wood floors in Manhattan, it pays to get them professionally installed. New York Wood Flooring is ready to help you install your hardwood floor or any floor you need.

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