Three Basic Types of Security Systems

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on May, 2018

Today it is necessary to have a home security system. There are an estimated 2 million burglaries occurring in the US every year. It’s not worth taking a chance by not protecting your possessions and your family. Security systems in Cedar Rapids Iowa can help you feel more secure. You will sleep better at night and feel confident heading out to work each morning knowing your family, home and property are safe gives great peace of mind. Here are the three basic types of security systems.

Security System Using a Local Alarm
A local alarm system is the most basic of the types of security systems in Cedar Rapids Iowa. It’s not monitored and it’s simple. The local alarm system uses sensors placed on doors and windows. Each sensor has two pieces that form a circuit. When the circuit becomes broken, an alarm goes off. The alarm is local, meaning it is just heard at the residence, but it can be a deterrent to potential intruders.

Wired Security Systems in Cedar Rapids Iowa
Wired systems have been the most popular type until recent years. It includes a control panel, wired sensors, motion detectors and cameras. This type might include an alarm and it may or may not be monitored depending on the home owner’s preference and purchase. If it is a monitored system, and the alarm is tripped, the monitoring company may contact the owner and emergency services.

Wireless Alarms
A wireless system works similar to a wired one. The only difference is really the wires. A motion detector or sensor goes off and causes the alarm to sound. Once again, a monitored system means an outside party is made aware of the security breach and alerts the authorities and homeowner. This system may also have cameras even though it is wireless.

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