Thoughts on Plumbing in Pottstown, PA

by | Dec 9, 2016 | Plumbing

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Plumbing is an ancient trade dating back thousands of years. Over three thousand years ago, the Egyptians first used copper for piping in their plumbing systems, a material still used today. The oldest known toilet, discovered in China, utilized running water and even had armrests. Just when you thought a heated toilet seat was all that.

An individual aspiring to become a plumber qualified to do plumbing in Pottstown, PA, is a journey usually requiring the completion of three steps. A career in plumbing typically starts as being an apprentice to a master plumber for a period of two years or so, depending on the state. Then one advances to the level of journeymen apprentice, which lasts between two and five years, after which one can apply for a journeymen’s license. Most states require the applicant to pass a test demonstrating knowledge of general plumbing and local codes. The highest level is master plumber, which is applied for after fulfilling the required years of work as an apprentice journeymen.

A plumber can choose to work in the commercial, industrial, or residential sector, where the primary responsibility would be the installation and maintenance of pipes. Depending on the setting, the pipes might be for drainage, irrigation, potable water, or sewage. In new construction projects, plumbers often work in conjunction with architects, drafting blueprints used to design and install plumbing systems. Other services provided by the plumbers of  website include installing appliances that use water, such as water heaters and dishwashers, as well as bathtubs, sinks, and plumbing fixtures.

A typical day of plumbing in Pottstown, PA, might consist of replacing broken or burst pipes, unclogging drains stopped up by some unusual items or tending to a faulty water heater. No two days are necessarily the same, which is what attracts many people to this profession, especially in the residential sector. Many are on call 24/7/365, especially those that are self-employed; as is typical of most emergencies, they happen after hours.

Plumbing is a profession that experiences longevity, as most people that enter the field stay in it for their entire career. Many continue after retirement to provide an opportunity for apprenticeship to the next generation. To illustrate the importance of the plumbing profession, a well-maintained toilet should last at least 50 years, averaging 145,000 flushes during its lifespan.

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