Things to Know About Sliding Window Installation in Portland, ME

by | Feb 27, 2024 | Window Contractor

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One of the most common types of installation is sliding window installation in Portland, ME. Whether it’s replacing the whole house or just fixing up a bathroom. Sliding windows make your home look better, make it easier to use, and let more airflow. But for these perks to work, the installation must be done right.

Using Flashing

Homes that don’t have overhangs need to be extra careful when putting in sliding windows. Without the extra layer of protection that overhangs offer from the weather, flashing is essential to keep water out and make sure your windows last a long time. Flashing is a waterproof material that moves water away from the window, so it doesn’t get into your home and damage things.


Getting exact numbers is crucial for sliding window installation in Portland, ME. This step is even more important in older homes, where window openings may have moved over time, making them out of line. You can consider another option if the error is significant (more than 3/4′′). You can cover the gap with inside trim, ensuring your new window fits appropriately and making the room look better.


Installation experts from places such as Window World of Southern Maine know it’s essential to ensure the new window is level after putting it in the hole. Should a window not be exactly level, it might not work smoothly, making it hard to open and close. Even worse, a window that isn’t level could have gaps that let drafts in and make your home less energy efficient.

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