Things to Consider When Choosing a Commercial Storage Facility in Wahiawa

by | Jun 19, 2017 | Transportation & Logistic

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For businesses and commercial interests looking to rent a Commercial Storage Facility in Wahiawa, there are several important factors which must be considered. Paying for the first facility, one comes across without performing due diligence will likely result in the company being stuck with a storage facility that doesn’t meet their needs. The following factors should be carefully considered when choosing a commercial storage facility.


If the items to be stored are such that they’ll be used on a regular basis, then the location and ease of access is a huge deciding factor. In this scenario, it may be best to pick a storage facility very close to the business premises. This is so as to prevent distance and traffic from hampering business activities. It may also be a good idea to choose a facility that offers rush delivery, rapid retrieval and pick up services.

Damage Prevention

For sensitive items, ensure that only facilities with proper damage prevention systems are chosen. The facility should have preemptive measures in place to prevent accidental damage. Measures for climate control as well as heat and fire detection mechanism should be in place.

Without proper preventative systems in place, items can easily be damaged in storage. The facility should have preemptive measures in place to ensure that the assets are not ruined. Climate control is an important factor, especially if you are storing files or electronics. Heat, smoke, and fire detectors are also imperative. The safety of products kept in storage should be the highest concern of the storage facility.


Security is arguably the most important factor when choosing a Commercial Storage Facility in Wahiawa. The facility chosen should have strict access control measures. The facility’s employees should be properly vetted. Also, protocols for access to a storage space must be agreed upon. For high-level security facilities, it is not uncommon to find biometric scanners and two-factor authentication measures in place. Furthermore, 24/7 video surveillance and motion detectors are necessary. For businesses and commercial entities looking for secure storage facilities, please visit the website. They can also make inquiries and get FREE consultations

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