There is a Wide Selection of Moving Boxes in Federal Way WA

by | Jun 26, 2014 | Business

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Moving boxes come in many sizes and shapes. They also vary in the weight they can hold, so, buying moving boxes requires you know what items you are packing and what they weigh approximately. There are boxes for pictures, mirrors, and tools, and just about everything else.

Of course, it pays to not load a box with too much weight even if the box will hold the weight because this makes a very heavy task for movers. However, you will also have to handle a heavy box at one time or another so this is another reason to pack on the light side. Sometimes small boxes are good. There is an industry standard for measuring the strength of corrugated boxes. It is known as 32 Edge Crushed Test which is more commonly referred to as the 200lb test. Moving boxes in Federal Way, WA can supply these boxes.

The box that holds glassware is ideal for protecting the glass during shipping. These boxes have handy dividers so each glass has its own compartment. Dishes can be packed the same way. Larger boxes are used for linens and other bedding items. Medium size boxes are good for electronics, but there are special boxes for TVs. Moving Boxes in Federal Way WA can supply boxes for special purposes. Smaller boxes are used for books and items that are similar in size. It is a good idea to select a small box for each family member to put personal items in which they will need before the household shipment arrives. These boxes will travel with the family and are accessible anytime.

Packing fragile items and small valuables require a handy product called bubble wrap. This can be used to wrap items in which may be prone to breaking. It comes in rolls at various widths and it is easy to cut. This material can also be used to wrap items in which you don’t want to be scratched or marred.

Boxes are available for packing heavy tools which should not be left loose. Items like saws, drills, and other heavy tools can be packed for safety and protection.
You will have a wide choice of boxes and you can easily get advice from Boush Moving on how many boxes you will need.

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