The Top Three Qualities for Lifting Shoes

Posted by Phineas Gray on December, 2017

Weightlifting is a great hobby and can be a very healthy athletic activity. For people who are just getting started, learning all of the information necessary to lift safely and effectively can be overwhelming, especially if they haven’t been involved in a sport before. One thing that new lifters often fail to realize is that a pair of good lifting shoes is one of the most important parts of weightlifting. These are the top three qualities of good lifting shoes:


Some new weightlifters will wear any athletic shoe for lifting, running shoes for example. But many athletic shoes have cushions in them that are used to absorb force. Running shoes are specifically cushioned to give runners some shock absorption between the ground and their joints. Lifting shoes do not have this cushion because weightlifters need shoes that use force to assist with the lift.


Lifting shoes should feel secure on a lifter’s feet without feeling too tight. The heel of a good lifting shoe will not be very tall, and the sole of the shoe should be extremely sturdy. Loose shoes are a terrible choice. The shoes should fit snugly, so there isn’t any loss of force during the lift. Because lifting shoes are expensive, it’s important to take an extra pair of shoes to the gym. Save lifting shoes specifically for lifting. Lifting shoes aren’t made for long walks or running.


The final quality of a good weightlifting shoe is how the lifter feels in the shoes. Most weightlifting shoes from reliable brands have good technical quality, but the one quality that manufacturers cannot guarantee is confidence. Choosing the right color and style of shoes can actually be a great help. Confidence can make a huge improvement in performance.