The Sun is Bad for Your Skin-The Best Matte Bronzer is Better

by | Nov 2, 2017 | Beauty and Salon

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The goal for everyone should be to look like you just returned from a vacation on a tropical island somewhere, matte bronzer can do that for you. Staying out of the sun or protecting yourself from the sun is a necessity but forgoing that sun kissed look can be difficult. A good matte bronzer is a nice replacement for the damaging rays of the sun. Getting your bronze on naturally can be dangerous to your health, but walking around like you have not left the house in a few weeks, is not an option either.

Why Bronzer?

Women have been using bronzer for years so have both male and female celebrities. Why? Well the answer is actually quite simple, bronzed, sun kissed skin is perceived as healthy skin. Bronzer adds that tint to your skin that you would get naturally if you were outdoors unprotected in the sun. Tanned skin has long been associated with good health. Everyone looks better when their skin is a little bronzed! Using a bronzer is:

  • Safer for your skin
  • Gives you a glow that gets noticed
  • Makes you feel more confident
  • Helps you to look well rested

The safety of tanning is highly questionable. With the rise of skin cancers, staying out of the sun and protecting yourself from the sun is certainly in order. A good quality bronzer will help you to achieve the same look without any risk. A matte bronzer gives your skin that smooth as silk look without causing any health issues. You get the glow of a sun kissed face without having to be kissed by the sun and pay the price in wrinkles. You will feel more confident, look well rested and ready to take on the world with your best face forward! Beau by Famous Lady Cosmetics can help!

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