The Specialized Services Of A Glenview Child Custody Lawyer

Posted by Phineas Gray on December, 2015

Going through a divorce or separation, particularly when children are involved, can be very difficult. It becomes even more challenging if the parents are not in agreement with custody and visitation issues, or if parents have very different expectations about parenting and co-parenting roles. In these situations, a Glenview child custody lawyer will be necessary to ensure that the child or children are provided with the best possible parenting arrangement.

Often a child custody lawyer may not be part of the original divorce, but may be brought in if a custody modification is requested after the divorce has been finalized. However, in some situations where there are already issues between the parents with regards to caring for the children these attorneys may be involved much earlier.

The Best Interests of the Child

In the family court system in Glenview, or elsewhere in the state and country, the family court judge focuses on determining the best interests of the child or children with regards to parenting and parent responsibilities.

The best interest of the child will be something your child custody lawyer will help to establish through evaluations and opinions by experts in the field. This could include custody evaluations, forensic interviewing, or psychological evaluations of the child and the parents, as well as a review of the parent’s ability to care for the child or children.

In some situations, the child custody lawyer may recommend that the child is presented by an attorney,  called a guardian ad litem. It is also possible for the court to appoint a child representative, who will advocate for the best interests of the child but is not an attorney.

Options to Consider

Based on financial ability, physical and mental health issues, child and parent relationships, current school, home stability and many other factors your child custody lawyer will work to create the best possible parenting or custody arrangement for the child or children, as well as for you as the parent.

This can include sole custody, where one parent is responsible for all decision making for the child. There is also the option for joint custody, where both parents make decisions together with regards to the children. When parents are in agreement and are able to work through conflict to reach a decision in the best interests of the child, this is the best possible option. However, if parents are not able to work together, it is often not recommended or feasible.

Talking to a child custody lawyer in Glenview will allow you to ask specific questions regarding your divorce or custody modification. If you have specific concerns, contact a child custody attorney as early as possible in the process.

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