The Shocking Secret To The Best Atlanta Sales Coaching

by | Sep 7, 2016 | Business

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Many organizations focused on selling and service have invested a lot of effort and time (as well as money) into managers so that they can coach their representatives. Research has shown that having a manager as a coach can significantly improve the representative’s performance. However, it’s important to understand that Atlanta sales coaching has to be done the right way and almost no manager does it correctly.


Of course, managers must be trained to be a coach, and most of them are, whether through their corporation or on their own. Therefore, companies may ship their reps to another location to get them formally trained, which may not help, either.

Skewed Efforts

Managers are well-known for skewing their efforts and only focusing on the best, and the worst of the lot also called tails. Primarily, they talk to the best on the team because they want to reminisce about their past experiences and offer nuggets of wisdom (which can end up hurting the salesperson in the long run). They focus on the worst of the team because they want to increase quotas and push them to do better.

In most cases, they think that everyone else will rise to the best performer’s numbers, but that rarely, if ever happens.

The Secret Revealed

World-class sales coaching in Atlanta will not do any good at all if you focus primarily on the worst and the best. The average employees are the ones that greatly need a coach and need the training the most. Even if they only improve performances by 15 to 19 percent, they’re moving from below average to average or above, which could increase performance by up to eight percent across your entire team. In most cases, that small difference can lead to hitting your goals for the month.

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