The Right Carpet For High Traffic Areas In Your Home

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on August, 2016

Regardless of where you have carpet installed in your home, it has to endure a lot. This is especially true in those areas of your home where there is a great deal of concentrated traffic such as stairs and hallways. Carpets installed in such high traffic areas can quickly show signs of wear, it is important that the right type and color of carpet in Downers Grove be chosen.

It can be difficult to choose carpet at the best of times; it can be trickier if you do not know what to focus on for high traffic areas. Many homeowners make the mistake of assuming that all areas and all carpets are the same, the go ahead and chose based on color and texture as well as cost. If the objective is to maximize on the life of the carpet and to ensure it looks good for years, there is more to it than that.

Berber is best:

For durability at an affordable price, nothing beats Berber carpeting. The low, densely woven fibers of Berber carpets makes them an ideal choice for repelling dirt and the minimal pile height means that any matting at all that is bound to happen in a high traffic area is not noticeable.

The right color is important:

Durability is one thing; you will also want to opt for a color that can handle the use and abuse which is only expected in a busy home. Stay away from light colors in these areas, light colors show dirt and stains. The high degree of abuse that a carpet takes in a high traffic area will not be near as evident if the color is darker; a carpet in Downers Grove that has a random pattern is also a great choice in these areas.

Take time to choose the type of carpets you install in your home. But considering the wear patterns expected for different rooms and areas in the house you can save money as you won’t be faced with replacement every few years.

If you are looking for a wide selection of high quality carpet in Downers Grove you will be happy that you have found Best Buy Carpet and Granite.

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