The Proper Way to Use Trailer Jacks in Wisconsin

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on October, 2015

Preparing a trailer for towing can be back breaking work if the right equipment isn’t available. Trailer jacks make easy work of connecting a trailer to a hitch by doing the hard work with the press of a button or the turn of a knob. While they make the job of preparing a trailer easy, if they aren’t used properly it can damage the vehicle or cause personal injury to the operator. Before attempting to operate one it is important to understand how they function. The following is an overview of what is involved with using a trailer jack. Never attempt to operate Trailer Jacks in Wisconsin without proper training.

Position the Vehicle and Trailer Place the hitch of the vehicle that will be pulling the trailer as close to the tongue as possible. The closer the trailer is positioned to the hitch, the less it will need to be moved after it is jacked into position. Most trailers can be pushed and pulled into position, but this can create injury if it is not done properly. Most manufacturers recommend having the hitch no more than 3 inches from the trailer’s tongue. Jack the Trailer Up Once positioned, jack the trailer up. Some Trailer Jacks in Wisconsin are controlled by hydraulic systems, and can be lifted by pressing a button. Others require the use of a crank. The crank will be fitted with an assist system to make the job of raising it manually easy. Make sure the trailer is a minimum of two inches higher than the hitch that is on the vehicle.

Attach the Trailer to the Hitch Once the trailer is lifted and the hitch is under the tongue, slowly lower the trailer onto the hitch. Make sure to attach any chain supports and lock the tongue in place to prevent it from disconnecting during travel. It is important to verify the connections are secure before attempting to pull the trailer. Do not pull a trailer that does not appear to be securely attached to the hitch. Hauling a trailer is easy when a jack is used to help with the process of connecting it to a hitch. Anyone who tows items on a regular basis should contact Business Name and view their inventory of high quality trailer jack systems. Their team will make selecting the proper jack simple, and will provide training to ensure proper and safe use after purchase. You can also visit them on Google+ for more information.