The Process of Creating the Flamed Granite Tile in Sacramento, CA

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on September, 2015

Granite tiles are a more budget-friendly material than choosing a granite slab. However, the tiles can also be finished in the same manner as the slab. One of the most popular choices for outdoor granite tiles is the flamed finish. This type of finish can mirror the attributes of the outdoors. These are the steps that go into creating the flamed look for the granite tiles.

The first step in the process is the cutting of the Flamed Granite Tile in Sacramento CA. After the granite is quarried, the granite is separated. Granite designed for tiles are cut into really long rectangular pieces. While both the slab and tiles come from one piece of granite, the slab will need to be larger and more uniform in size. This can make it more difficult to extract which raises the overall price.

After the tiles are cut, the granite is polished through different types of sanding heads. This process is designed to refine the look of the granite and bring out all of its design features. At this juncture, the tiles may receive extra cuts to help refine their look. The resin can also be added to fill in the different imperfections that can be found in the natural granite. This resin is also polished before the final look is accomplished.

To get the flamed granite tile in Sacramento CA, an extra step is added. The granite tile strips are exposed to a very intensive heat source. This heat source will create different crystals on the surface of the granite. This provides it that rough look that is the natural accompaniment to the outdoors. This look is added after the polishing stage. The granite is allowed to cool before the granite is cut into the final product.

Granite is a preferred surface for outdoor cooking areas. The granite tiles are an affordable option if the slab isn’t feasible for this space. The flamed finish is a very popular choice to compliment the outdoor style. This finish can be applied to any color or style of granite tile. Browse our website to discover the different colors and styles of granite tile available for the outdoors.

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