The Positive Impact of Commercial Glass Doors in Houston, TX

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on November, 2019

Many businesses choose to have thick glass doors and panels installed along the facade of their building to create an inviting atmosphere. Unlike the solid wood or steel doors many older buildings have that effectively close off a building from the outside world, today’s businesses opt for commercial glass doors in Houston TX that are extremely durable despite having only a minimal metal reinforcement around the edges. With the ability to let plenty of natural light in and make enclosed spaces appear larger than they are, glass doors and panels create a much more favorable environment for both employees and customers.

Making Commercial Structures Comfortable

Glass doors and panels are great for businesses that want to use natural lighting to create a pleasant atmosphere but can sometimes let in too much light depending on their placement. To combat excessive heat and glare in a building, technicians can apply a solar film to the inside of the glass that greatly reduces the UV rays that filter in. With this darkening addition, less energy will be needed to keep the indoor climate consistently comfortable. In addition, any blinding light will be eliminated.

Prompt and Efficient Repair Service

Incorporating glass into the facade of a commercial building gives a boost to the curb appeal but also presents unique problems when damage occurs. Since glass is not a material that a standard maintenance team can easily repair, businesses like Lone Star Glass encourage customers to “Contact us” for prompt service from their technicians whenever significant problems arise. If damage is creating a dangerous situation, an emergency repair crew will be immediately dispatched.

More Than Glass Doors

In addition to installing commercial glass doors in Houston TX, businesses like Business┬áName also furnish buildings with glass partitions, mirrors, shelving, tabletops, and staircase balustrades. Depending on the level of privacy needed, the glass can also be lightly frosted or formed with patterned textures so objects and people on either side are barely visible. All work is guaranteed so if any moving part doesn’t function properly, the glass doesn’t fit just right, or there appears to be damage to the finished project, the skilled team will return to correct the problem without the customer incurring further costs.

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