The Plan for Brick Pavers Installation in Meridianville AL Brings to Mind a Famous Yellow Road

by | Sep 29, 2018 | Paving

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Brick Pavers Installation in Meridianville AL can be an attractive change of pace for residential driveways, patios and sidewalks. Many people like the earthy look of brick compared with gray concrete or black asphalt, feeling that the colors and texture match the natural environment better. One option they probably won’t consider is yellow brick, like that of the yellow brick road in the fantasy Land of Oz.

The Yellow Brick Road

Many people don’t realize that author L. Frank Baum gained his inspiration for the yellow brick road from a real location in New York State. While attending Peekskill Military Academy in the 1860s, he saw yellow brick pavement in this town. The street leading to the academy was, in fact, made of yellow brick from the Netherlands. He may very well have been instructed to follow the yellow brick road to get to the academy. Since the area had been settled by Dutch immigrants, they wanted to have this type of paving in their town.

Preservation and Restoration Efforts

As the years have passed, most of the yellow brick has been removed, but a small section still remains. That place is now part of a parking lot. An effort has been underway to repave the street in yellow brick, but considering the price, the project seems unlikely to be approved. In the meantime, preserving the remaining brick is a focus. The possibility of having a statue erected to memorialize main characters of the book and movie has also been proposed.

A Variety of Color Options

Brick Pavers Installation in Meridianville AL can be done in a variety of colors by a contractor such as S & S Traffic. About the only affordable way a property owner could have yellow or gold pavers would be to choose colored concrete instead of clay, and that defeats the general purpose to a certain extent. Brick colors such as buff, sandstone and granite might be close enough to create an effect that looks somewhat similar, or they might have these kinds of colors combined with orange brick pavers. Click here for information on this particular company.

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