The Many Benefits Offered by Installing Residential Skylights

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on July, 2015

Skylights help to reduce emissions and the need for artificial lighting. When daylight is used for lighting a home, it will reduce the energy consumption and costs for homeowners, as well as the demand for more power, which is a constant, negative impact to the environment.

You may wonder why you should make the change to solar power. Consider the following:

1. Solar power is essentially an unlimited resource.

2. There are no harmful emissions produced and the energy does not have to be transported anywhere.

3. Solar water heating systems can reduce household energy consumption significantly and reduce the nation’s reliance on fossil fuels.

Optimal Exposure to Daylight

Everyone knows that getting adequate vitamin D is essential and the sun is an excellent source of this. However, the rays can also be harmful. Modern skylights allow natural light in, providing those inside with exposure, but minimise the harmful effects thanks to protective film and other coatings on the glass.

Save Money with Naturally Lit Rooms

When you install skylights, you will be able to reduce your dependency on artificial lighting. As a result, you will also see a reduction in your utility costs. In some cases, the skylight you install will give you access to a number of credits or tax breaks.


Many homeowners choose to install an electric venting skylight, which will produce a type of ‘passive air conditioner.’ These feature an exhaust or chimney effect, which pulls warm air up and out and pushes cool air down. This not only helps to efficiently cool a space, but also helps to provide fresh air to the entire residence.


With homes being constructed closer and closer to one another many homeowners are reluctant to open their blinds and windows. This minimises the amount of natural light they let in. However, when you install a skylight, you can let in ample natural light and minimise the chance the neighbours will see you in your skivvies.

Add New Life to Small or Cramped Spaces

How nice would it be to lie in a warm bubble bath and look up to a sky full of stars? Even in the smallest bathrooms, a skylight can let in natural light during the day and be an exciting feature at night. Also, the natural light produced during the day can help women apply makeup in a more flattering way, since they will not have the unnatural glare of artificial light bearing down on them.