The Importance of Safe Removal for a Honey Bee Swarm in Westerville OH

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on August, 2017

A Honey Bee Swarm in Westerville OH is an alarming sight as the big group of stinging insects moves into a tree in a residential yard. As long as they don’t show signs of taking up permanent residence, people who live in the house typically can just stay out of the way for a day or so and the bees will move on. If that doesn’t happen, the best solution is to Contact Wildlife Control Professionals for assistance. Trying to attack a big swarm of bees with cans of pesticide is inefficient and typically does more harm than good.

Benefits of Bees

The pest control service may be equipped to safely remove the Honey Bee Swarm in Westerville OH or may network with a beekeeper or another company that captures these insects and transports them to another location. The goal is to keep all the insects alive because they are so beneficial to the environment and to society.

Honey bees are crucial for the pollination of flowering plants, including many agricultural crops raised for feeding humans and animals. They also produce sweet honey that people love to eat and use for flavoring in sweet baked goods.

Colony Collapse Disorder

A complicating factor is that the honey bee population is dwindling to disturbing levels, leaving scientists scrambling to figure out how to curtail this problem and help the bees regain their previous healthy numbers. The issue is one that scientists have named colony collapse disorder, which occurs when most of the worker bees in a colony vanish and apparently die off somewhere away from the hive. The episodes are still mysterious, and research has not determined exactly why this is happening.

Concluding Thoughts

Decades ago, honey bees could be seen all over the place throughout the United States. They were prevalent in vacant lots, for instance, where they eagerly gathered pollen from clover and wildflowers. This is no longer the case. Property owners are encouraged to call a pest control service such as The Wildlife Control Company when they encounter a swarm of these bees on their land and have the insects safely removed.

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