The Importance of Convincing People Not to Flush Sanitary Wipes Into Septic Systems

by | Nov 21, 2022 | Computers

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No matter how many times some people are told that it’s not OK to flush sanitary wipes down the toilet, they continue to do so anyway. That can be an enormous frustration for a rural homeowner with a septic system, especially if there has already been a need for septic system in Ferndale WA because of this issue. Even municipal wastewater systems can experience negative effects when these products are flushed and end up at the treatment plant. They don’t break down like toilet paper does, and they can clog pipes and filter screens.

Why do some individuals continue to flush sanitary wipes when they’ve been asked not to? People using these wipes may not want to put them in a wastebasket for privacy reasons. They may not even want to wrap them up in toilet paper to hide them since this feels like a bit of a hassle. In many cases, they simply don’t believe this behavior is problematic. With some products, the packaging states that the wipes are “flushable.” Technicians from an organization such as Burke Septic & Pumping Services LLC would disagree, and so would wastewater treatment workers at a municipal plant.

Rural homeowners may dislike feeling like they are seen as unreasonable for demanding that everyone stop flushing things that could harm the septic system. Nevertheless, they must continue to do so or risk having to deal with backups and paying for repair work. A friendly handmade sign or printed note in each bathroom can briefly explain why those products must go in the trash and not in the toilet.

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