The Importance of Art Classes for Children

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on February, 2016

Even though many schools focus on math, reading, and science as common core subjects to live by, many people forget about the importance of the arts in a child’s life. Basic creative activities such as art and music, are the building blocks that make a child who they really are. When a child is able to appreciate art it will be an important part of their lives no matter what. Even if they are taking art out of schools, there are plenty of kid’s art classes in Philadelphia area that can help to brighten their futures.

Motor Skills & Language Development
Many of the motions that are used when it comes to creating art, such as scribbling with a crayon, or holding a paintbrush, are key to the growth of fine motor skills in younger children. The National Institutes of Health state that these developmental milestones should occur around age three such as drawing a circle or being able to use scissors to cut a straight line. When a child learns art they are able to increase their fine motor skills.
Art gives small children something to talk about and something to create. It gives them the opportunities to learn different words and colors, actions, and shapes. If they enjoy creating art, this gives them something else to talk about.

Decision Making & Visual Learning
Art education has the ability to help a child learn visual and spatial skills which are extremely important to a child’s overall education. Toddlers are using tablets and smartphones which means that they are taking in in a great deal of visual learning. The use of tablets and smartphones also helps a child to make decisions. Art also has the ability to increase their ability to think critically and solve problems rationally.

Creative Outlet
The most important aspect of art is that it provides a creative outlet for children. Reading, math, and science can be very stressful on a child. But when they walk into art class, they feel like they are in an open and creative environment where there is no stress or judgment. This is a great place for children to learn about the importance of creativity and diversity in the world we live in today. Art classes can help a child in a number of ways but most of all it provides them with a voice so they can speak for themselves.

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