The Importance of Aluminum Recycling in Vineland

by | Jun 12, 2014 | Waste Management

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Besides helping to protect the environment, scrap metal and Aluminum recycling in Vineland offers many benefits to the community and the individual. Most people know that recycling is important for the environment because it cuts down on non-biodegradable items in the landfills, which reduces overall pollution. Recycling also helps the environment because production using recycled metals uses a lot less energy compared to production using raw metal, up to 92% for aluminum for example. It also reduces the amount of air and water pollution and waste associated with mining by approximately 70%. When you consider that about 30% of all metal used in America is currently recycled, there is a great deal of room to improve.

However, protecting the environment isn’t the only benefit. In fact, the benefits of metal recycling reach well into the community and beyond. One such benefit to Aluminum recycling in Vineland is it brings more money into the local economy, which is always a good thing. Places, such as American Scrap Metal, will pay you for your scrap metals, depending on current market value, overall weight, and the condition of the metal. Common recyclable metals that scrap yards are willing to pay for include brass, aluminum, steel and copper. The more people who take advantage of their steel, aluminum and brass recycling services, the more money that is put back into the local economy.

Not only does Aluminum recycling in Vineland help the local economy by providing increased disposable cash, it also helps to reduce the cost of living. When metals are recycled, it lowers the cost of production of common items by reducing the need for expensive raw materials. This lower production cost allows businesses to purchase their products at a lower rate and in turn offer them to the public for a lower cost. With the increase in disposable funds and the lower price of goods, the economy has the opportunity to improve. It also helps the economy by providing more jobs.

One way to remember to recycle it is to set up dedicated bins next to your normal garbage can. Clearly mark the bins with the type of metal it will hold. As you use cans and other metals, give them a quick wash and toss them in the bin. Once the bins are full, bring them to your local scrap metal recycling company and walk out with a few extra bucks in your pocket.




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