The History of Crepes

by | Mar 31, 2016 | Food

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If you have ever had the occasion to enjoy crepes, you already know that they are insanely delicious. They can also be enjoyed in different ways; both savory and sweet. However, what do you know about crepes besides the fact that they are perhaps one of the world’s best foods? Here are just a few interesting historical facts you can share next time you and your friends go out for crepes in Houston TX.

The French Connection

The word crepe is a French one meaning “pancake.” They originated around the 12th century in the northwest of France in an area formerly known as Breton. That area is now commonly known as Brittany. Back then, crepes were thought to be a pauper food. Buckwheat grew freely in the Breton moors. They were also originally called galettes, which is French for flat cakes.

Crepes were not made with white flour until the 20th century. Before that time, white flour was just as expensive as or more expensive than sugar and meat. Today, this variety if crepe is much more popular because they are much softer than the buckwheat variety.

A Special Food on a Special Occasion

In France, Fete de la Chandeleur is celebrated on February 2nd each year. This day, also known as Fete de la Lumiere or jour des crepes, is a special day that the French enjoy all kinds of crepes with their families. There is a tradition that requires that a coin be held in the dominant hand of the cook while holding the crepe pan in the other. The cook then will flip the crepe in the pan. If the cook manages to catch the crepe in the pan, the family of the cook will be blessed with prosperity for the rest of the year.

The French crepe has been a great influence in other countries as well. There are several different versions of the delectable treat all over Europe including Italy, Hungary, Scandinavia, and even Greece. There are no limits to the ways that you can enjoy a crepe. They hold up very well to everything from a healthy dab of Nutella to being drowned in melted cheese. The only limit is your imagination. If you are not confident in your culinary abilities, there are a few places that you can find crepes. Finding crepes in Houston TX is easier than you think!

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