The Dos and Don’ts of Appliance Repair in Weymouth MA

Posted by Alex on June, 2014

Having a fridge that just won’t preserve the food, or a hot water tank that keeps producing cold water in the house is very irritating. Generally, it is inconveniencing to have electrical appliances that aren’t working properly. However, even though you are impatient to get the appliance working, there are certain things that you should avoid doing. Below are some dos and don’ts of appliance repair in Weymouth MA.

Do: Turn off all the power sources to the appliance as soon as you realize that it is faulty. This will help you protect the appliance from further damage. It could also protect you and your family from electric or gas fires, gas poisoning or electrocution.

Don’t: Never attempt to fix any gas powered appliance such as ovens. When working with electric appliances, you can be assured you are safe when you disconnect the power source. However, when dealing with gas equipment, you have to think about the possibility of creating a gas leak in the process and causing a fire, explosion or creating some other hazard. It is wiser to get an expert to deal with the repair.

Do: Contact an appliance repair specialist as soon as you realize that your appliances may be faulty. The expert will try and find a solution to the problem before it becomes complicated. If there is a part that is damaged beyond repair, they will replace it with a newer and appropriate part.

Don’t: Never try to fix any appliance if you do not understand how it is operated. For instance, if you do not know how to differentiate the positive and negative ends of electric wiring, trying to fix the problem could lead to short-circuiting which may ruin the appliance and even electrocute you.

These are tips that will help you maintain your appliances for a long time. Remember that the best way to deal with faulty appliances is calling in an expert for appliance repair in Weymouth MA. 1st Call Appliance is one of the most reliable appliance repair experts in Hingham, Newton, Quincy and Weymouth in MA. Click to find more info about the services that they offer.

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