The Different Techniques of Using Drip Tips

by | Jun 28, 2016 | Shopping

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Dripping is a common term that is used by vapers to describe the art of dripping, or refilling the coil or the bridge of an atomizer with e-liquid. The word has garnered a massive popularity online in sites and forums that are dominated by people that enjoy vaping. One of the main reasons why most users prefer dripping to relying on the e-liquid stored in the conventional e-cigarette tank, is that it produces a high amount of vapor and this in turn results in a bigger throat hit than normal. This is mainly because dripping increases the intensity of the flavors thus giving it a unique taste.

Drip tips are made from different materials and come in varying sizes to suit a vaper’s needs. To help you understand the different techniques, we will discuss some of the various drip tips on the market.

Cloud Chaser Drip Tip

It has a wide bore that allows optimal airflow and makes it seamlessly easy to refill the cartridge. Unlike other tips on the market, this one does not have an O-ring at the base and this creates a consistent flow of vapor. The material used to make it also has the ability to prevent buildup of heat thereby enhancing the efficiency of the battery.

Obrero drip Tip

This is one of the most unique drip tips on the market today. Since its inception, it has garnered a massive popularity from all across the globe due to its perforated tip. By using it, you will get to inhale vapor from all directions.

Finally, take time to learn how to drip to avoid any nasty experiences especially during the initial stages. A vaper who is accustomed to doing this can point you in the right direction.

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