The Destination of Choice for the Transgender Community of Plano, TX

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on March, 2021

One of the hardest and bravest decisions a person can make is to see themselves for who they are on the inside. But sometimes the inside does not match the outside. That is where the International Center for Transgender Care steps in. With their technology-advanced facilities, they were able to become the best in the business, and with their deep compassion for the transgender community, they have been able to offer each patient the best experience through their transition. The journey through gender reassignment male to female or female to male is not an easy one, but with staff like this by their side, transgender patients can match the outside to the beautiful inside without judgment or added stress.

The International Center for Transgender Care was established because of a void in the area of transgender care and community. They have come to provide incomparable surgery options and research for each individual. They also understand that, although surgery is incredibly important during the transition, holistic therapy and support are just as important. Their new Immersion program helps gender reassignment between male to female transition smoothly. This program consists of vocal feminization techniques, hair and wig styling, makeup application and skincare, and much more. Surgical options include breast augmentation, tracheal shave, gender reassignment surgery, orchiectomy, and facial feminization surgery.

During a gender reassignment male to female journey, it is vital to have a support system whose mission is “to provide the best holistic therapy and surgery options for the transgender community”. International Center for Transgender Care is that support system, and to find out more, check out

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