The Cost of Attending Medical Schools in USA

by | Sep 28, 2021 | Education

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There are several different costs to consider for Indian students with interest in attending medical schools in the USA. These costs and factors are different than those of attending an MBBS in India or in other countries throughout Europe or around the world.

Cost of Courses and Degrees

It is important to note that an MBBS in the United States also requires international students to complete a four-year bachelor or undergraduate degree in the USA. The cost of a bachelor level education will vary based on the college or university, but it is typically 55-65 lakhs Indian rupees for the tuition, books, and academic fees.

The cost of the additional four years of the required MBBS program in the USA typically has an average cost of 2 crore Indian rupees. Prestigious medical universities will have higher academic costs, which can be significantly higher than this average.

Cost of Living in the USA

Another factor to consider when thinking about attending medical schools in the USA is the cost to live on or off campus. Students often choose to live on-campus, but there are still fees for accommodation, meals, and other services.

Living off-campus is more costly as there are apartment or house rentals, food, utilities, and entertainment to consider. As medical school requires significant amounts of study, it is very difficult for students to work even part-time and have the ability to achieve top grades.

Finally, consider the cost of transportation when attending medical schools in the USA. The family or the student will have substantial costs for flights and travel back and forth from India to the United States.

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