The Best Spanish Restaurants in Mornington

The southeastern part of metropolitan Melbourne, Victoria is the wonderful Shire of Mornington Peninsula. Mornington Peninsula is a terrific tourist destination. You can go on a beautiful boat tour, ferry ride, or spend a day at the National Park. Restaurants in Mornington Peninsula offer both local and exotic cuisine. Spanish restaurants are among the most popular choices for visitors as they provide a delightful cafe experience with great customer service.

The Chef’s Choice

When you are visiting Spanish restaurants in Mornington, you should consider trying the chef’s choice. The chef’s choice always changes. It is a great way to support the chef and try a new dish. You will be surprised when you taste the passion and the flavourful spices.

Casa Burger

A casa burger is always a favourite among many patrons. Casa burgers feature an all-beef patty cooked to your liking. It is topped with melted cheese, bacon, and salsa rojo. Some Spanish restaurants offer it on a brioche bun and crispy spicy tortilla. The flavours meld together in each bite. For meat lovers, the casa burger is the go-to choice for lunch and dinner.

Fish Tacos

Fish tacos are the perfect dish to combine the local cuisine with Spanish influence. Generally, fish tacos can be ordered spicy or non-spicy. Fish tacos will include a spicy sauce, red onion, avocado, lettuce, and a splash of lime. Whitefish, such as barramundi, will be cooked to perfection, creating balance among the powerful flavours of salsa and lime.

Since 2016, the team at Casa de Playa has been providing Mornington residents and visitors with fresh, beautiful flavours inspired by traditional Spanish cooking.

Address: 39 Main St, Mornington VIC 3931, Australia