The Best Reasons to Hire an Interior Design Expert

by | Aug 29, 2018 | Home & Garden Decor

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Many people, perhaps including yourself, find themselves overwhelmed just thinking about hiring an interior design expert. You may have concerns about the cost of hiring a professional or you might be worried about what the process of working with them will be like. These concerns are entirely reasonable, but there are many benefits to doing through with it.

You’ll Save Money

It might seem like hiring an expert would cost you more money than it gained you, but that’s not entirely accurate. If you have ever bought a fantastic piece of furniture, brought it home, and then realized it was the wrong shape, color, or size for your home – you know that design can be complicated. An expert is there to guide you in making the best choices without all the mistakes. In addition, they will be aware of your budget and know how to stretch it to make your home more comfortable.

You’ll Also Save Time

Most people want to have more time and hiring an interior design expert is a great way to get more of it. When you have an expert designer behind you, you also have a trained eye. This person knows exactly what should be done and how it can be done in the best way. They will even understand the potential obstacles and will approach them with experience and care. This saves you not only money but time, which most of us would love more of both of.

You’ll Have Contacts and Resources

When you have a designer at your helm, the contacts and resources are part of what they provide. Any experienced interior expert is going to have connections that can be passed on to your project. You won’t have to stress over finding a carpenter, plumber, or electrician because your expert will already have those people on speed dial. You can also expect the interior design expert to have access to furnishings, fabrics, and products that you can’t get as a customer.

Your Space Will Pop

A designer is taught to think both spatially and creatively, which allows them to build a picture that you may not. You’ll get the design sense innate in professionals, along with attention to details that might not even occur to you. That means the proper furniture placement, the right lighting, the perfect color palette, and the best fabrics. Anyone who visits your home is going to remember it.

Fantastic Design Tailored to Your Needs

Zoe Feldman Design is a boutique design firm located in Washington, DC. Zoe has over 15 years of experience decorating East Coast homes and has been on several television shows and websites. If you are looking for a stunning new design for your home, learn more by visiting and make your home unforgettable. You can also follow her on Facebook for more updates.

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