The Best Condominiums for Sale in West Chelsea

by | May 18, 2022 | Real Estate

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West Chelsea is known for its high-design buildings, art, and wealth. West Chelsea has one of the best school districts. The private schools have high standards of excellence for their students and offer wonderful educational opportunities. The neighborhood is enriched with diversity and welcoming. Condominiums for sale in West Chelsea are highly valued and in demand due to all the wonderful benefits of residing in such a high-class neighborhood.


Can you see yourself pushing a designer baby stroller through the park with your partner? Do you want to focus on your career in the finance sector? West Chelsea is the best of both worlds. The neighborhood is great for growing families and the bachelor. You will be close to downtown Manhattan for work and to the best school districts for children. You can privately park your vehicle or use public transportation. West Chelsea has subway access so you can easily get to neighboring areas and downtown without the hassle of driving in the city.

Lounges and Boardrooms

The best condominiums for sale in West Chelsea offer access to lounges and boardrooms for their residents. It can be difficult to entertain co-workers and guests in a condominium. Even if you purchase a large condominium, it may not be appropriate to hold the event in your home. The best condominiums, such as those offered at Lantern House, have luxurious and beautifully decorated rooms for special and casual events. You can hold your child’s birthday celebration or entertain your newest business venture with potential investors.

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