The Benefits of Using Throwaway Medical Shorts During Medical Procedures

by | Oct 20, 2021 | Health and Medical

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Disposable exam shorts are critical in many healthcare facilities. There are several reasons why patients and medical staff might opt for these throw-away undergarments. Here are three reasons to use this product.

1. Sold in Bulk

Medical supply stores sell di sposable exam shorts in boxes of 50. This bulk packaging means the office will always have some on hand, and because of their compact size, the shorts are convenient to store.

2. Comfort

Some manufacturers produce these out of multi-layers of material. This technique ensures the fabric is firm but flexible. It is cloth-like in appearance and easy to maneuver during procedures. The layering effect creates a fluid-resistant bond.

This piece of clothing is easy to size. Disposable exam shorts range from small to 3X, and many styles are latex-free.

The waistband is soft and stretchy so that the wearer can pull them on, or if needed, the staff can quickly remove them. In some styles, the manufacturers sew in back flaps, which close with tape.

3. Safety

As well as being water-resistant, the shorts offer a barrier between particles, patients, and employees. This hospital-style garb reduces the chance of cross-contamination and splatter. The single-use shorts help keep facilities clean, and the wearer can feel confident knowing the item has not been used before.


Besides being used in hospitals, gastroenterology offices find the flapped shorts allow the physician to do colonoscopies while giving the person a sense of coverage. General physicians may opt for them during routine physicals, and urologists can find them helpful for some exams.

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