The Benefits Of Dental Implants

Posted by admin on October, 2017

Your smile is something that should last a lifetime, with dental implants you can rest assured that it will. Missing teeth is detrimental to your overall health and the health of other teeth as well.

If missing teeth are left untreated your other teeth will take advantage of the extra space and slowly move, the result is tooth misalignment which leads to eating and speaking problems. In the past the only solutions that were available were dentures; partial or full or bridges. With 50 years behind them, dental implants in Chicago are now the gold standard for functional restoration. If you hope to smile again with confidence, dental implants will help.

There is a myriad of benefits associated with dental implants, the most important include:

Improve your appearance:

When a tooth has been extracted, the jaw bone at that point begins to deteriorate which results in “face sag.” The lips begin to fold inwards, the face shrivels and deep wrinkles appear around the mouth, this makes a person appear to be far older than what they actually are. By replacing the missing root, which is exactly what a dental implant is, you eliminate a collapse of the facial structure.

Dental implants in Chicago make you feel better about your appearance and you regain full confidence in your ability to eat, smile and laugh with no embarrassment or reservations.

Keep remaining natural teeth healthy:

When a bridge is used to span the gap where one or more teeth are missing it requires that the teeth on either side of the gap have to be ground down to accept the bridge. The amount that has been ground off cannot be replaced. Replacing missing teeth with an implant supported denture or bridge does not require any modification of existing natural teeth which simply means that they will not be compromised which can lead to problems in the future.

Once you have dental implants they are cared for the same as all your natural teeth. Brushing and flossing daily and routine visits to your dentist for professional cleaning and checkup as usual is all that is required.

Dental implants in Chicago are far better than dentures or a bridge, and oral maintenance should be practice as though the teeth are natural. If you are considering dental implants you are invited to make an appointment with Awesome Dentistry. Like us on our facebook page.