The basics of taking care of hardwood floors

A lot has been said about hardwood floors and how to take care of them. Here are some of the basics;


You might be tempted to enforce a strict no-shoes policy when you have hardwood floors. While this can be a little unrealistic, the better option would be to avoid walking on the floors with high heels, which generally scratch the hardwood. A further precaution would be to have padding at the bottoms of all the chairs and table legs, and doormats at every entrance. The doormats handle particles on the soles of the shoes which can damage or even completely remove the finishing.


When taking care of the hardwood floors, keep the temperatures within an ideal range. The ideal temperatures should be between 60 to 80 degree F, with a humidity percentage of between 30 and 50. If the thermostat can be kept within this range, then the planks will not buckle or gape, conditions caused by drastic changes in moisture and heat. There can be slight heat fluctuations, but do not let the conditions stay that way for long.

Dust and Debris

Debris accumulates and will eventually take a toll on the sheen of the floor. Sweep everyday if possible, but if not; make sure the floor is vacuumed at least once or twice a week. Once a week, use a micro-fiber mop and a cleaning agent that is pH neutral. Many of the products that claim to add a shine or rejuvenate the floor normally have additives that in the long run will not be good for the health of the floor.

The Professionals

Even with all these precautions, sometimes it pays to involve the professionals in taking care of the hardwood floors. Some hardwood floors in Charleston SC are several decades old and still maintain their original luster and texture. If you are wondering what the secret is, then wonder no more; it lies in involving professionals with the work. If it seems to be losing its luster, have professionals apply a fresh new finish. Floors that have a lot of foot traffic will likely require sanding every few years.