The Art of Using Custom Mirrors to Add Beauty and Depth to a Home

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on January, 2019

There are millions of ways to decorate a home. Glass of many kinds are often favorite decor material choices. Learn the fine art of using custom mirrors to add beauty and depth to your indoor or outdoor home environment. Not only are mirrors beautiful, they are practical too. Homeowners are not just using mirrors in their bathrooms these days either. A carefully designed mirror can be customized to suit any space inside or outside the home. Consider placing them at the end of a smaller dining area to make it seem larger. There are many terrific ways to use custom mirrors in Chicago homes or businesses.

Along with the standard mirror material selections, these decorative accents can be made from gorgeous colored reflective glass as well. Try custom panels of floor to ceiling ebony black, warm golden brown, deep blue or nature inspired green shades for a truly original and classy look. These sensational mirrors can be custom shaped for added visual interest, and they also come in beveled options. Take a decorating tip from top interior designers and famous celebrities like Marilyn Monroe. Add reflective glass in custom designs all throughout your indoor living spaces. There are many styles of custom mirrors a Chicago glass company is happy to fashion.

Using mirrors in interior spaces can instantly make the room seem more spacious while reflecting the natural light from outside the windows to brighten up the area too. These are fabulous for smaller spaces and tiny apartments or loft spaces. Consider careful installation of these gorgeous masterpieces to quickly transform your interior design theme inside your personal home living spaces. Mirrors are also being used to better showcase specific artwork pieces, dramatize lighting effects and much more. Order custom mirrors from Chicago located Lakeview Glass Inc.

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