The advantages of bold signage

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on June, 2017

Ever wondered why billboard printing has always stood the test of time while everything else around them evolved into the digital world. Well, here are a few reasons why;


These signs are often the most conspicuous, for both the pedestrians and the motorists, and this makes it easy for them to be used for guidance and instruction. This is why in many educational campaigns, the most popular and effective method is through signage. They educate the public about their rights and responsibilities, convey messages of public interest, bolster fundraising campaigns for non- profit organization and provide useful information which helps in making day to day decisions like purchase, threats and proper use of various facilities.


Researchers often say that the freedom of commercial speech has been at the heart of growth and continued dominance of the market driven economy. Well, at the heart of the freedom of commercial speech is the advertisement phenomenon. What advertisement does is that it plays into the forces of supply and demand, eventually encouraging the reduction in prices of consumer goods. It therefore plays an important role in the uplifting of community living standards in general. It also creates consumer awareness by informing the consumer about the availability of various products.

The Visual Environment

If sound design principles are used, and they often are, proper signage will improve the aesthetics of the neighborhood. Signs contribute to proper visual diversity, character and interest, and this can turn around those drab neighborhoods. Signs have been known to enhance a local sense of place, creating that unique atmosphere that attracts visitors and tourists. For instance, en masse signage and outdoor advertising has made locations like the strip in Las Vegas, Madison Square, the Piccadilly Circus and Tokyo’s Ginza district uniquely popular. The more permanent signs and advertisements on top of skyscrapers often contribute to the visual scene by being part of the prominent landmarks.

Sometimes, content that is contained on billboards or posters is often of very high quality and can be considered a form of art in itself. Today, huge signs are used on buildings, billboards and even on buses and trains.