Talk to a Consumer Rights Lawyer in Northampton, MA About Consumer Protection Rights

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on January, 2018

The Consumer Protection Act safeguards you if a business conducts deceptive or unfair practices. The legislation makes it possible for a claimant to sue a company to reclaim his or her money. Under the act, businesses may also sue other businesses.

You Must Send a Letter First

If you have experienced an unfair or deceptive dealing with a business, you must send the merchant a letter first. This letter must be sent 30 days before filing a claim. A consumer rights lawyer in Northampton, MA can further elaborate on the process.

Proving Your Case

In the letter, you must outline your claim as well as the harm that you suffered as a result. You also must include how you wish to resolve the matter. By affiliating yourself with a consumer rights lawyer, you will have a much better opportunity to prove your case. Visit website for more details about the professional consumer rights lawyer in Northampton, MA.

Waiting for a Response

The letter that is sent is called a 30-day demand letter. In turn, the merchant must respond in good faith inside of 30 days. If the merchant does not respond in this timeframe, he or she may be subjected to damages or attorneys’ fees that are triple the amount of what is regularly assessed.

When the Letter Is Not Needed

When working with a consumer rights lawyer, you must send a 30-day demand letter regardless of where the claim is filed. The letter does not have to be sent if the merchant does not operate in Massachusetts. The letter is also not needed if you are making a claim in response to a cross-claim where the merchant is suing you.

Set up an Appointment for a Consultation

It helps to contact a law firm such as Connor Morneau & Olin LLP to make sure that your claim and rights are fully asserted. If the merchant responds to the letter and you reject the offer, you may be limited in your settlement amount. This can happen if the court later finds the offer to be reasonable. That is why it pays — literally — to consult an attorney about this type of legal case.

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