Taking the Initiative and Speaking with a Bankruptcy Attorney in Cincinnati, OH

by | Jan 11, 2018 | Bankruptcy Law

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There is no question that financial troubles can take a toll on an individual. They can affect a person’s family life, romantic life, their workplace demeanor and can add a level of stress to a person’s life that is simply unbearable. Fortunately, when people find themselves overwhelmed with debt that they can no longer repay, for whatever reason, it’s often best in these situations to speak with a bankruptcy attorney in Cincinnati, OH.

Bankruptcy Alternatives

There are many different avenues that a bankruptcy attorney can help an individual or couple explore when it comes to dealing with their debt. In most situations, a person will have to choose bankruptcy, but there are cases where debt consolidation loans or negotiating with the person’s creditors can help to get an individual or couple back on track financially without having to file for bankruptcy.

Starting the Process

If it is determined that bankruptcy is the best course of action, then it will be incumbent upon the attorney to make the proper filings for their clients to get the process of bankruptcy started. This can be a fairly complicated filing, but it does have advantages.

The first advantage is that filing means the bankruptcy can begin to work its way through the court process. Secondly, once an individual or couple has filed for bankruptcy, creditors can no longer legally contact them outside of court-appointed contacts in order to collect a debt.

Dealing with Creditors

So many times, people are fearful to open up the mailbox or answer the phone as they fear it’s a creditor trying to collect on a debt that they can no longer afford to pay. If this continues to be a problem after an individual or couple has filed for bankruptcy, the attorney can step in and inform the creditor of their client’s filing for bankruptcy. This is typically effective in halting calls or letters from creditors.

As virtually any bankruptcy attorney in Cincinnati, OH will tell you, bankruptcy is a process, and it can be difficult. However, for people that simply don’t have any other recourse to deal with their debt, bankruptcy is a useful tool to give couples and individuals a clean financial start. If you’re at the point where you’re contemplating filing for bankruptcy, and you need some questions answered, you may want to contact Dean Snyder Attorney for more information.

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