Tactical or Concealment Holster? Take Your Pick

by | Mar 8, 2016 | Shopping

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Thinking about what kind of holster to buy for your airsoft games? A concealment holster or a tactical holster could be a good choice. If you’re set on buying one over the other, here are a few points from Off the Grid News to consider:

Tactical VS Concealment

Access. What’s the difference between a concealment holster and a tactical holster? Many people think that a concealment holster is better since it allows you to hide the weapon on your person. However, the tactical holsters have a clear advantage on the field when it’s time to come out and play with your airsoft buddies. When you hide a weapon, no matter how slick the draw is, you still waste a few seconds or minutes to get it out in the open. That’s not the case with a tactical holster. A tactical thigh holster, for instance, will provide you with easy access. Expect your response time to be better than when you had to draw from a concealed holster.

On the other hand, if you’re going to use the holster outside your airsoft games, then going for a concealment holster is better since it’s always better not to let people know you’re carrying a firearm. Otherwise, it could lead to potentially dangerous situations. Just keep yourself safe by not putting yourself in any position that requires you to defend yourself with a gun.

Retention. You need to have a steady rig, one that won’t come off with just a few tugs. It’s got to have a special release button to ensure no seconds are wasted when you draw your weapon. This is often true for a lot of tactical holsters and less for concealment holsters. Also, paddle type holsters are out. These are too easily removed from your body and wearing these simply doesn’t make sense in a confrontation. Whether you find yourself in an airsoft game or in a real-life confrontation, having access to your firearm seems like a better choice. Conclusion

In the end, in a toss-up between a tactical and concealment holster, you’re likely to go with the first one. What about a choice between a thigh holster or a hip holster? Thigh holsters allow you easy access, especially when you’re wearing body armor. While hip holsters offer instant access as well, it doesn’t go as great with your body armor. And if your next airsoft mission needs you to wear an external armor, then that thigh holster will beat a hip holster any day. For more information on buying a tactical thigh holster, visit us at Airsoft GI.

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