Stumbling Over the Quadratic Formula? Invest in Online Algebra Tutoring

Posted by Alex on August, 2014

No matter what subject you ultimately major in in college, algebra is a necessity. In fact, in depth knowledge in algebra is crucial even if you enter a career such as plumbing or construction, that does not necessarily require a college degree. Therefore, if you are still in junior high or high school and struggling with math, consider online algebra tutoring.

Importance of Algebra

If you plan to attend college, the standardized college entrance exams such as the SAT and ACT demand in-depth knowledge of higher level math. Algebra is the foundation that leads to geometry, Algebra 2 and even trigonometry and pre-calculus – all are standard math units that are listed on these college entrance exams curriculum. The good news is that even if you do well in school with your algebra classes, you can utilize online algebra tutoring to your advantage as it is a great way to keep your math skills sharpened, ready for those exams.

You Don’t Have to Give Up Extra-Curricular Activities

The best part of online algebra tutoring is the flexibility in scheduling. You don’t have to cut short any activities as you don’t have to physically meet a tutor. Instead, you meet online in the comfort of your own home, at a time you set with the instructor. It could be late in the evening after dinner or even on a Saturday morning! All you need is a computer with current operating system software, broadband internet, a headset with microphone and a digital tablet and digital pen.

Online algebra tutoring is one-on-one instruction, with both the teacher and you using a whiteboard on the computer screen (envision yourself in the classroom with a chalkboard). The digital tablet and pen allows you and your tutor to work out the problems on the board with ease.

The fact that math curriculum varies from school to school is a cause of worry, but the instructor will ensure that they have the same textbook as you do. An affordable fee structure and flexible time schedule makes online algebra tutoring the best option for an aspiring student. With extra help, you can master the quadratic formula, plough through permutations & combinations, and much more within a limited time span.

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