Some Important Tips On Caring For Your Hibiscus Flower

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on February, 2021

Hibiscus is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world and caring for it is a simple process. With some tender loving care, you can have a beautiful garden full of them. In the right setting you can even have a 15 feet tall hibiscus to showcase.

Placement of the plant is usually neglected and overlooked but it is one of the most important parts in hibiscus flower in Florida. This tropical flower needs plenty of light and warmth to thrive. Place it near a large window where it can get plenty of sunlight and heat to help it bloom. Try to aim for a temperature of 60 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. In countries with hard winter weather, you have to be cautious of cold drafts that might create frost that could damage the flowers. It will not be able withstand anything lower than 36 degrees Fahrenheit.

Make sure your hibiscus gets adequate amounts of water, especially when it is blooming. Generally, you should allow the soil to dry between sets of watering to make sure the roots don’t decay. In wintertime less water is needed and also you should use warm water instead of cold water. A good drainage system for the water is essential as well.

When selecting your fertilizer for hibiscus, select one that is low in phosphorus. A high level of phosphorus will result in very few of your flowers blooming. Make sure you use a water-soluble formula to ensure that the fertilizers are effectively used when watering. During March to October, the growth of the flower starts to be at its peak and during this time it is essential that it gets the nutrients it needs. For more information visit Plant Life Farms. You can also follow them on Facebook for more updates!

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