Social Security Disability Attorneys in Charlotte, NC Help With Claims

The Social Security Administration (SSA) approves about 35% of disability claims and another 13% during appeals. Before beginning an application, it’s crucial to understand common reasons that agents deny claims. Social Security disability attorneys in Charlotte, NC can help with the paperwork and make sure clients have all the necessary documentation.

Proving Long-Term Disability

Claimants must prove they cannot work full-time for at least a year because of a debilitating injury or health problem. The SSA requires evidence such as comprehensive medical records and the results of diagnostic tests. The administration often demands an independent medical examination from a physician other than the claimant’s own doctors.

Proving Inability to Change Occupations

SSA agents may be skeptical if it appears that the applicant could perform a different type of work. Social Security disability attorneys in Charlotte, NC tell clients the evidence needed to prove they cannot work full-time in an alternative occupation. For instance, a person with disabling back pain might be unable to stand or sit for a full shift. A part-time job could be possible, but often that doesn’t pay enough to earn a living.

Avoiding Errors and Incomplete Paperwork

Along with insufficient documentation, errors in paperwork and incomplete applications are common. Even a minor mistake can lead to a claim rejection. All paperwork must be meticulously completed. If the individual is unsure of how to fill out a particular section, disability lawyers and their staff members can assist.

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