Six Things Before Choosing a Childcare Center

Find a childcare center that your kids will be happy about. Here’s what to look for when you start browsing for options. By using this list as a reference, you can choose a childcare center easily.


How early can you bring the kids? How late are they open? If you’re late picking up your child, what happens? Do they have holidays and vacations? Are those scheduled?


When you choose a childcare center in Sandersville, GA,one of the first things you ask about are the fees. How much will it cost? What does the fee cover? Does it include meals for the kids? Is there an extra cost for that? What requests will get you additional charges?

Training and Qualifications

What are the training and qualifications of the staff? What education and experience do they have? How long have they been working in the field? You’ll want to choose a daycare center managed by experts. That’s one way to ensure that your kids are in competent hands.


Does the daycare provider offer provide feedback about your children? Do they seem approachable? Do they seem invested in the care of the kids? Are they easy to talk to?


Take the time to find out what the childcare center’s policy on discipline is. Is their stance aligned with yours? If that isn’t the case, your child may be subjected to a brand of discipline you don’t agree with. Move on to other options.


What policies does the childcare center have about nutrition, transportation, discipline, media, outdoor play, medication, or illness? Do they take precautions against COVID-19? At the time of this writing, kids under the age of five still don’t have a vaccine. Is the childcare center taking measures to ensure that the kids are safe from infection? Child care center is a place where your child receives a healthy, delicious, allergen-free breakfast, lunch, and snack every day, prepared fresh onsite to align with state standards. For enquire call My Discovery Academy at (478) 221-8026.