Simple Fixes To Prevent Basement Flooding In Your Home

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on June, 2022

Most areas in the United States are likely to get flooded. The worst place to get flooded in your house is the basement. Whether your basement is likely to get flooded or not, you need to install some preventive measures. Considering the climatic changes, rains are getting heavier, and flooding is unmanageable. However, there are certain measures to control flooding, and you should implement them. Take a look at ways to prevent your basement from flooding.

  1. Basement Sealing

Basement sealing flood control systemsshould be maintained yearly, something most people fail to do. Sealing the basement openings means keeping weather stripping around doors in good condition. At the same time, it makes sure the windows are caulked. Finally, if the basement walls seep water, you should find a plumbing company to install flood control systems.

  1. Installing a Sump Pump

Even though running a sump pump manages the water in your basement, you can minimize the flow to minimize damage. A sump pump is electrically powered, and if your basement is prone to flooding, you should install a backup system that operates with a battery.

  1. Installing a Backwater Valve

A backwater valve blocks the drain to the main sewer lines in Chicago. This valve is usually installed in a location that prevents sewage from flowing into any other drainage in your home. These include sinks or toilets.

  1. Installing a French Drain

If you have properly graded your home but your basement still collects water, installing a French drain might be your solution. Before making such changes, you will need zoning approval considering it will change your property. Installation can be complex, so you must consult a professional company for installing flood control systems in Chicago.

  1. Use Downspout Extensions

Adding extensions to your gutter system can save you money by preventing water damage. For example, if your downspouts collect water, add extensions to move water from the foundation to a safe drain.

If your flood control systems cannot manage flooding in your basement, you should consider professional plumbing services. Plumbing technicians at Grayson Sewer and Drain Services know the best solutions for you and your home. This will help keep your home safe and protect your property from damage.