Signs Your House May Need Siding Replacement

by | Sep 20, 2018 | Roofing

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The siding of your home is an important component that helps protect the exterior of your home. However, sometimes it can be challenging to determine whether you need siding replacement in Somerville, MA. There are many signs that can help you decide if this is the case. We’ll share a few of them below.

Blistering or Bubbling Siding

The most common cause of this problem is exposure to large amounts of moisture or heat. This is a problem that should be taken care of immediately. You will want to contact a siding professional to help you determine the cause of the issue and replace the affected areas. This can help prevent the situation from happening again.

Horrible Energy Costs

If your energy costs are extremely high, this might mean you don’t have enough insulation. You may not be aware of this, but insulation is found in your walls as well as your attic. The newest option is a wrap that goes around your home to create the best insulation. Installing modern siding can cut down your heating and cooling bills.

Damage from Hail

If you have experienced hail, you know what a force of nature it can be. It can cause some serious damage, including to your home siding. Make sure to take a look at your siding from time to time to determine if any damage has occurred. If so, you may need to have it replaced to ensure it continues to protect your house.

An Ugly Color

Some colors are always in style, while others might only be in favor of a season. If your siding is one of the latter colors, siding replacement in Somerville, MA, might be your best option. A color you don’t appreciate can be embarrassing, and if you choose to sell your home, it may make it harder to find a buyer.

Peeling Wallpaper or Paint Inside

While peeling wallpaper or paint doesn’t mean you need for siding replacement, it isn’t a good sign. It may mean that the siding is allowing moisture to enter your home. This can lead to other issues, including growth of toxic mold. A professional should work with you to rectify this situation. At Carroll Sons Inc, we offer siding replacement and more.

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