Signs Your Gutters Need Replacing

Posted by Phineas Gray on April, 2018

If you’re a first-time homeowner, it can be tricky to tell when the time for gutter replacement has come. Although you’re aware that your gutters take a lot of wear and tear on a daily basis, you might not know how much longer they can take it before you need to get new ones. Throughout the years and seasons, there’s a lot that gets filtered through your gutters. If you’re looking to get them replaced soon, you can look out for the signs that your gutters are a little worse for the wear. Here are some of the signs your gutters need replacing.

Cracks and Leaks

Your gutters are often reinforced with galvanized steel, which is prone to rust and wear over time. Sometimes, large cracks will appear in your downspouts and gutters. The best time to see these cracks is on a sunny day, where you can clearly see the underside of your gutters. Take a closer look to see if any cracks exist there. When it starts raining, water will leak through these cracks, making your gutters completely useless for their primary function.


Whenever there’s too much moisture in your gutter, it can start to warp and peel away at the paint. Even if you’ve just given your gutters a new paint job recently, you may start to notice the paint bubbling up and peeling off of the sides. Peeling paint is never an attractive thing, but this is also a sign that your gutters may be dealing with some leaks. They shouldn’t be getting all bent out of shape!

Rot and Mildew

If your gutters aren’t working, the rest of your home starts to suffer. The more it rains, the more your wooden fixtures – like your window sills, wooden door trim, and more – are susceptible to rot and mildew. Water isn’t good for wood, and if your gutters can’t protect them, you may see mildew growing on the sides of your home. And if you don’t see the mildew at first, you’ll sure smell it.

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