Signs that You Need Professional Sewer Line Repair in Tucson

Posted by Alex on June, 2014

The sewage system is a vital part of your home as it ensures that the waste is properly disposed. It must regularly be maintained to ensure that it remains effective. While the city or county authorities maintain some systems, there are those that fall under your care, especially those in your residence. Most homeowners fail to recognize a deteriorating system until they realize that the waste meant to be taken out of the home, keeps backing up inside the home. The following are some signs that indicate that you need to call in a professional specializing in sewer line repair in Tucson.

Cracked or broken pipes

Broken or cracked pipes occur when a hard object meets your piping. This type of injury is most common with plastic piping as hard objects can easily damage this material when significant pressure is applied. Since sewer repair is often expensive, there is a temptation to keep on wrapping the cracked or broken section with a tape. Using tape is only a temporary solution to a long-term problem. Calling in a competent plumber is your best solution as he will replace the pipe or add a joint to the line. You may not have the know-how, materials or tools to do it competently.

Your toilet backs up

A common problem with most sewage systems is blockage. Blockage causes the waste to drain slowly or back up into sinks and toilet bowls. A professional should be contacted to rectify such mainline problems and ensure that the hazardous substances do not spread to the rest of your home. The professional plumber will usually use tools like sewer cameras, plungers and special cables to remove the blockages.

Leaking pipe

Where clay or cast iron pipes are used, persistent problems with vegetation growth and leakage are likely to occur. The roots from the vegetation are likely to penetrate the pipes leading to the pipe leakage and sweating. These roots can get to the interior of the pipe and damage it or cause clogging. A professional plumber can replace the clay pipe with PVC piping.

Other signs that may call for Sewer Line Repair include a smelly sewage or piping whose lifespan has ended. For emergency services, Sewer Line Repair in Tucson, video inspection and replacement. They have experienced plumbers who provide competent services

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